Performative and political Sitting, 72Hours, Tel Aviv - israel in 2018.

Synopsis : 

What does white gay cisgender does during a Gaypride? and during the biggest one in the world? 

Exposed in a controversal approach, Reffering itself in a social media era, this Performative and political sitting in Da middle of an Orgy, surrended by many participant comming and joining the group, i took my opportunity as “guest start” to share and celebrate a activist and poltical open conversation on the isarelo palestinian conflict and the toxic White cisgender gay.

promoted on social media as Fcebook, instagram, but also gay social media like Grindr, i kindly asked the potential public to respet the choice of participant to see and meet only male people. This gender segregative door politic was one of the reason i felt the need of such event in the Male gay community.

trying not to judge or been to critical isn’t easiest thing to do when you confronted to racism, sexism and transphobie, particuraly in a community which shared and still share same discrimination.