from 2003-nowaday

Drawing instead of writing my dairies


  As long as i can remember, i've been drawing, in homework or school book, in leftover newspaper. while i would be at school, or home in backyard garden. But it has been since the year 2002, when i was 18 year old, that i decided to start draw in a dedicated book, a Sketchbook, my thought and rehearse. The oldest one i did was call : story of north catalunya and was started some months before i left south france to London.

    Till today, i have been keeping all of my sketchbook. in order to get inspiration, or to keep a memory of my life passing through time, countries and crisis. That s one of my few treasure and proud. Sometime smaller size molleskine-a-like, sometime bigger, handmade, or recycled book where i m covering the pages with draw and paint, those books are my archive.
Drawing from time to time vs sometime using a page a day, or a notebook in the month, i haven't choice a specific protocol attach to my sketchbook work, perhaps the size : A6 notebook which can be easily carry in pocket and fit for roadtrip experiences.

    Here a selection on views from differents periods and styles.